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23 February 2017

Quincy Krosby: Game change

Americans voted for change in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and that’s what they got with Donald Trump's victory. But what the stock market saw going into 2017 was something beyond the election itself.

Quincy Krosby, chief market strategist for Prudential Annuities, says the markets have so far cast off concerns about the 3 a.m. tweets, the reality show character of the primary season, the vagaries of the campaign, and the day-to-day combat leading up to election day, and instead zeroed in on the economy. The market vote was swift and clear. Optimism and confidence once again returned to the headlines.

To be sure, there will be hurdles and obstacles along the way, along with market pullbacks, but markets are inherently inclined to climb the proverbial wall of worry. For now, investors are seeing a game change, but if the critics are correct, there will be yet another game change. Markets – currencies, fixed income, commodities, equities – will see it coming, just as it’s now seeing a more vibrant U.S. economy on the horizon.

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