The new season of Prudential’s podcast enlists mentors to help people overcome their challenges.

October 11, 2018

Everyday Bravey

Bravery is a prized trait. It can lead people to accomplish great things—both big and small.

Season 2 of Prudential’s podcast series, “Everyday Bravery” launches next week and seeks to spark conversations that inspire listeners to be brave in managing their lives. 

The podcast is based on the premise that people avoid doing the things that make them uncomfortable, even when success awaits. Season 2 of the podcast series showcases six inspiring stories about how people bravely face everyday challenges to live their best life.

Each installment introduces an underlying financial tension and uses a mentor to help the main character adopt better behaviors. The series is hosted by Emmy-award winning journalist Laura Ling. A new episode will be released every other week, starting Oct. 15.

You can search for and subscribe to Everyday Bravery in iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcast streaming services from your mobile device.  And for an early listen of the first episode, click play below.